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You Used To Be Here / Flash Never Dies

At the end of my stay as an Erasmus student in Sweden, I had worked so hard (taking two fulltime courses at once) that I had only one half-time course left. The final requirement for the course was an online personal portfolio. This created a luxury that I never had before, and probably never will have again in my education as a Communications-and-Multimedia-Designer: I could work on this website, and this website alone for one month straight. This gave me the time to craft every visual element exactly as a wanted it, from scratch, and dig in deep enough into learning some Actionscript code to bring my vision of an "ideal", interactive an stylized portfolio to life. This resulted in a website that I was truly happy about, one that was not a prototype for a change. It lasted (as I'm currently at "v5") well until, and beyond, my graduation - a fantastic reminder of my love for Flash, my total (and deliberate) ignorance of usability-standards, and the very low resolution of the screen on my 12" Powerbook G4.

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