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Hey Kids,
It has been a million years since my last post here. Back then I was finishing the last elements of my thesis, my final presentation to be exact.
I’m happy to say I graduated with big honours! Kickass! Awesome!

Since then, a lot of stuff has happened, but informing you about that is not the point of this post. I wanted to show you the last little thing I did with some mates and students from my (now old) school. Sometime ago I was part of a special workshop at Kunstencentrum België (Hasselt) about circuit-bending led by Jethro and Micha Volders.

We (Wout Standaert, Danny Leen, Tom Luyten, Peter Briers, Ruud Denivel, Olivier Berger and me) were given the task to develop some visuals for the The Vermin Twins show at the end of the workshop.

We used the little-scale tutorial on VGA hacking to generate super-glitchy super-realtime-visuals with an Arduino based on the live audio from the gig that was played in the evening.

It was great fun, a cool project and awesome people to work with. You can read more about it on Wout’s or Micha’s Blogs Also, check out the video Olivier made, it’s attached below.


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  1. mom Says:

    schoon schoon
    ZEVEN 77777 oude monitors
    you wizards

  2. Blue_Boy Says:

    My mum on the internet is not good for the web-cred.
    Future employers, please ignore.

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