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A Thesisupdate. What have I been up to? Less than I would have wanted to – but no biggie, not everything is lost. I did my “halftime-presentation”. It can be found on my server space, on the same spot as always. Be warned though, this things is not really “internet-ready”. Wait for it to load, then use arrow keys to navigate. Unfortunately, when my feedback came, it wasn’t what I expected. The main point the teachers sent in my direction that it was “too much about Crew”.

I struggeled with all this information. I was quite pissed, to be honest. I had the feeling teachers where commenting on the very core of my thesis proposition. A proposition I had been communicating to them for almost a complete schoolyear. But there was some truth in it to be honest. My muscle control experiments where not overly successful so far, and I was getting frustrated by all of this. How it would al fit in a theater piece by Crew was another question all together too. So I wrote down the “big idea” of how and why I wanted to pursue this whole muscle-control-in-a-piece-by-Crew plan in the first place. That piece of text is here.

And then I tried to re-orient my thesis. I had a talk with Liesbeth Huybrechts, one of my thesis mentors, and decided to look upon the whole thing from a “broader” angle. I choose to opt for a wider range of “physical actuation” devices. Crew is still very important in this, but I definately gave myself some more freedom to explore my subject matter with other prototypes, and from different angles. Then I focussed on writing my abstract (also in english) which can be found in the ususal places

So now I now have a new plan and more work then I can wrap my head around at the moment. So it’s time to get a move on. Tomorrow I’ll start a new experiment: the “GPS-Jacket”. And I hope to show my first steps off right here, tomorrow.
Until then.


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  1. Nadine Tobback-Naeye Says:

    Hi Field commander,

    ziet er goed en veel belovend uit. Ik stuur je oproep door naar een aantal vrienden van ons die kinesisten zijn. Hopelijk kan iemand je hiermee verder helpen. Groetjes aan Marie en Peter

    Vr Gr


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