An Update On Everything

Trying So Hard To Make It All Fit

Hey Kids!
So, how have you been, you ask? Well, unknown yet beloved reader – I’ve been better. I have just lost the favourite part of my life. Friends tell me that "sometimes things just end", and that you can’t do anything about that. Well, sometimes things just downright SUCK BALLS, and you wish they where different, but they are not. Stuff is as beautifull as it can be hard sometimes, and that’s true too. And it’s one of the hardest things I know.

I feel like I’m living in a bubble these days – and I am – this is one of the first days I actually came out of my room. It’s a bright sunny day, and I feel strangely disconnected from it all. Music keeps me sane these days. "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions In The Sky and "As If to Nothing" by Craig Armstrong are playing right now on my iPod. Also, the first album by Burial. Can’t wait for the third one to come out. Not the most fitting music for one of the first sunny days of the year, but bright sunny days are not the kind of days that would fit my mood now anyway.

So – schoolwork then. The show must go on, right. That’s the only stuff i have to concentrate on now, so I better go make my thesis a succes. The last weeks – or months maybe – I was in a very non-productive mood. Partially because of this relationship-crap, but also because making this kind of thesis is very hard for me. I get crushed under the fear of fucking it all up, and I have a hard time dealing with it all – sometimes (or several times a day) I’m just convinced I will never make it – and that’s not the best mood to get work done. It’s a downward sprial sometimes.

But – I’ve been trying to get out of it. As long as i keep going i surely have to end up somewhere in the end. So the next post will be a big status update on my thesis ideas. Before i can get to that though – it seemed like a good plan to list all my other finished projects here. So brace yourselves for it – here they come.

Factory Instrument (Launch)

So – after building it an testing it, we had to go install this on location. It took us a while and the software written by some other group members wasn’t really up to the most stable level ever, but in the end it turned out good anyway. It was really nice, working on a real location, for real people and appearing in the newspaper with our project afterwards. This is one of my favourite projects I have done so far I think. The fact that Wout and me just picked out our craziest idea and started building it AND succeeded (at least as far as I’m concerned) made working in the darkness in an empty wet factory building until two o’ clock in the night all worth it. Also, we had Peter (my stepdad) to cover our back with his awesome "getting-it-done-and-not-despairing-skills". Yeah. It was good. The video is in Dutch, by the way, or at least some Limburgian variant of of it.
On with the show i say!

Noise Pong

Noise Pong is a project produced by Wout "Blobkat" Standaert and me. We continued on the "lets-try-something-that-seems-really-fun-and-get-it-done". Our teachers where all ok and supportive of our idea of a music game without a real purpose or aim. Noise Pong was inspired by awesome stuff like United Game Artists’ Rez and Toshio Iwai’s Electroplankton.
It is a tangible interface to make music with and it uses the reacTIVision framework, Processing (Visuals) and Ableton Live (Sound). What you see in the movie is actually what would be underneath the real table surface you are manipulating.
We plan to continue developing this thing if possible. And, if luck is on our side, we might get to do a performance with two of these tables at once.

Residual Self Image

Sofie In Residual Self Image

One of two "Mirror Installations" I helped to develop in close succesion. This one captures the face of the person that is sitting in front of the mirror, and then projects it onto the next person who visits the installation.
This creates an eerie blend of two different faces, who eachother in the mirror.
This installation was created in a very short time for a workshop in "De Brakke Grond". This was another one of my more "real" projects, and it was a good experience.


Photoshop Composition
Firefly Title Page

Firefly is a quick-and-dirty concept (not built – yet) for an interactive/immersive room.
It recreates a technologic version of the classic Will-O-The-Wisp stories of uncatchable lights that lure you deeper into the forest all the time.
It was meant to be able to be built easy, quick and cheap. And powered by Arduino. I hope to produce this one some day.

I Think I Broke Myself

This is the other "mirror" installation piece. It’s is an interactive / immersive installation for one room.
The installation resembles a mirror and gives a poetic expression to an idea about yourself in relationship to your self image: When you get to close to it – it shatters.
This was a group project and it was made possible by using just one camera, a projector, Arduino and a tool called Isadora. Video above was shot and edited by Roger. This is an important project for me – especially in relationship to my thesis – but we’ll get back to that later.

So far, for now,
All my love to all of you
(and you know who you are)


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