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All Work and No Play…

The posts seem to get shorter and shorter every time a new one is placed.

Good news to whoever who wants to read it though. I Just uploaded the proposition for what will hopefully become a succesful master thesis at the end of this year.

Get it while it’s hot!

Here: www.jimboproductions.be/server/cmd/thesis

It’s only available in dutch though.
It’s a secret language that only five people on the planet are able to read.
The only language spoken or read by even less people is Norwegian, or so I am told.

Take Care Kids,

[UPDATE] I just finished my presentation – it’s uploaded on my serverspace too.

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  1. Linji Says:

    Wauw, een dankje… en ik heb niet eens iets gedaan!
    Merci, gij ook :-)

  2. Linji Says:

    Ziet ge wel da ge’t kunt! Het ziet er super uit!

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